Sword & Hammer Class

Saturday, December. 16th
11:30am – 1:00pm

S & H Techniques for:
1. Self Defense
2. Sparring
Focus on: Timing and correct positioning
Cost: $15.00

Holiday Class Schedule

For cancelled class days see the Karate Classes Page.
(Regular schedule resumes, Monday, January 8th 2018)

Effects: mainly the intermediate and advanced classes.
Why the Schedule changes:

1. Low attendance during the Hoilday season.
2. My work.schedule at UPS is very busy this time of year.


Monday 7:30pm  Adult Advance Class(Green &Up) Cancelled

Wednesday 3:45pm Adult Intermediate/Advanced class (Blue & Up)
This class will move to Friday at 3:45pm

Wednesday 6:30pm Intermediate/ Advance class (Purple & Up Ages 7-15) This class starts at 6pm on Monday and Wednesday.

Tuesday & Thursday 7:00pm Adult Intermediate/Advance Class
This class starts at 6:30pm on Tuesday &Thursday.

Thanks for your understanding. REMEMBER CLASSES: Resums to the  regular Schedule Monday, January 8th, 2018

Any questions please talk with Sensei.

Elm Community Garden

Due to the holiday season, the 1st Sat. of the month (workday) will be cancelled until Feb/2018. Volunteers are still needed, please see Sensei for more info.

NEW Women’s Self Defense Class 

Starting January 26, 2018
Every 4th Friday of the month
5:45pm – 7:00pm
Cost $10.00

Firearm Safety Training

Firearm Safety Training and Weapon handling
10hrs.of class/3 Range Visits
If you have an interest in this training, please talk with Sensei.
Cost, time and date to be announce.

Gift Certificates

Give a Gift of a life time, Okinawa-Te Gift Certificates Available. Special price for students who purchase gift certificates for new students. See Sensei or Debbie for details. 

Space Available

2500sq ft. of space available at the dojo.
Monday – Friday from 6am – 1pm
Saturday, Sunday from 4pm – 9pm