Antelope Valley Hospital Blood Donor Center

You can help save lives!
We have a serious donor shortage.
1.The need for blood is always great.
2. At AVH, over 250 patients require lifesaving blood transfusions each month.
Your lifesaving blood donations can literally mean the difference between life and death to patients requiring blood transfusions every day in Antelope Valley.
Donation Special: Okinawa-Te Karate Offer
New Students receive 30% off for any new membership.
Current Students receive 30% off any membership, private lessons, or equipment.
Antelope Valley Hospital Blood Donor Center
Offer expire: April 30th

Community Garden Update

All work at the community garden is on hold until further notice.

Gift Certificates

Give a Gift of a life time, Okinawa-Te Gift Certificates Available. Special price for students who purchase gift certificates for new students. See Sensei or Debbie for details. 

Space Available

2500sq ft. of space available at the dojo.
Monday – Friday from 6am – 1pm
Saturday, Sunday from 4pm – 9pm